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Enjoy Luxury and Comfort in Silom at the Aetas Lumpini Hotel

Bangkok is fast turning into a business hub and many businessmen visit the place for conferences and meetings. It is thus essential to have a professional service provider for these frequent travelers. There are many hotels, especially business hotels coming up in this region to cater to the constant flow of visitors. Major business activity in Bangkok is centered in Silom and Sathorn region. Of the many Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini, Aetas Lumpini Business Hotel is fast gaining popularity.

The allure of the Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini

This is an international class business hotel and provides all the facilities for a smooth business communication as well as relaxation between works. One can say that a visit to Aetas Lumpini is like mixing work with pleasure and rightfully so, because the various facilities provided by the hotel makes the stay a memorable experience.

Aetas Lumpini is located on the east of Sathorn business district and is barely 500 meters away from Rama VI expressway that leads to the airport. The hotel is conveniently situated in the city centre and has easy access to MRT subway station and BTS Skytrain. It has 203 tastefully decorated rooms and facilities that exude Thai hospitality.

There are restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy authentic Thai food. The Hourglass Restaurant, which is open from 6.00-22.30 hrs, displays a perfect blend of East and West in its artistic design and décor. One can just spend peaceful hours here tasting new menus and exploring fusion as well as authentic cuisine and scrumptious desserts. The GMT lounge opens up from 9.00 to 24.00 hrs. You can enjoy a drink while admiring the panoramic view of Bangkok, especially “The Lumpini Park”.

Last but not the least, the Splash Pool Bar on the ninth floor offers recreation and relaxation at its best. To begin with, its location on the top floor is a bonus itself, as you can stretch along on loungers and admire the city. It is an ideal place for sunbathing and there are two Jacuzzis with water jets that help you relax instantaneously. Showers are available too and you can order drink and food from nearby GMT lounge after a swim in the pool. read more

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Holiday Rentals on the Sunshine Coast

Planning for your Sunshine Coast holiday is not just about creating an ideal itinerary or booking a cheap flight; choosing the right holiday rental is also of utmost importance. In fact, getting it right can make a huge difference between a successful trip and a disaster. With this in mind, here are factors to consider when choosing the perfect holiday rentals Sunshine Coast has for your needs:

  • Type of Holiday Rental

Choosing from holiday homes Sunshine Coast has can be challenging, given the many options you can have. Also, your upcoming trip can be different from the previous one you had. Nevertheless, you can make the task easier by focusing on what you will need for your trip and on what the destination offers. As for the Sunshine Coast, your choices include beachfront, waterfront, non-waterfront, and pet-friendly accommodation.

  • Location

Make sure to do some research on what activities and attractions that you want to experience on your destination, then go for a rental that is near them. This will help you get the most of your travel costs, not to mention that it will make your adventures more worthwhile. So, do not book any holiday house rentals until you have determined they are ideally located. For more information, visit us at RW Noosa Holidays

  • Facilities and Amenities

Does the holiday home you are interested in have all the on-site facilities and amenities, such as a pool or a spa, which you would need for your stay? Or, is it nearby restaurants or cafes for those times when you do not want to cook and just want to be served good food and drinks? Take note of these things before making reservations for one of the holiday rentals Sunshine Coast has.

  • Length of Stay

While you can have a hotel for a weekend-long holiday, it is best to go for a holiday rental especially if you are planning to stay longer than that. Typically, this type of accommodation can provide the facilities that average hotels do not and will allow you to save more on accommodation costs when you stay for more than a week.

  • Number of People in Your Group

See to it that you are considering holiday houses Sunshine Coast has with enough space and amenities to accommodate all the people in your group. You should also consider one with a bigger space if you are expecting other friends to come and visit you during your stay. Keep in mind these parameters, so you will not be overspending for space that you will not use. read more

Strategies to Use for a Transformative Volunteer Experience

The decision to volunteer abroad is not easy. You will be away from your family in an unfamiliar environment wherein you are expected to provide your skills and services to a local community. However, it can also be extremely rewarding. In fact, a lot of volunteers claim that they had more to gain from the experience than the community they choose to volunteer to.

To make your time as a volunteer in Fiji worthwhile and become a transformative experience, and not just to while your time away, here are some strategies you can use:

Talk to Someone Whose Volunteered Before

It does not have to be related to your current volunteer project or in the same destination as you are headed to. However, that would be extremely helpful if you can find one. Try to pick their brain when it comes to preparing for what’s ahead of you. Even though you are prepared mentally and physically about the challenges that lie ahead, it will still be tough to adjust. But the more you know ahead of time, the better able you can condition your mind and body of what is to come. Culture shock is a huge part of the struggle that people who volunteer abroad have to face. But there is nothing that you cannot overcome with enough preparation. Check Involvement Volunteers International for more details.

Offer Your Skills

To become a useful volunteer, utilize your skills as much as you can. If you are good at teaching, spend your time teaching school kids how to read or write. If you enjoy arts and crafts, you can train local women on crafts they can use to make livelihood from. It is easier for you to immerse in the experience if you enjoy it and you feel like you have something important to offer.

Raise Funds Before Leaving

You cannot depend solely on the funds available through the volunteering agency you joined in. It is important that you have extra money on your own so you can pursue projects that you think might benefit the community. Most of the funds available through the volunteer agency sponsoring your Fiji travel have already allotted those for basic expenses such as food and travel allowance for volunteers. Not all volunteers are wealthy people; thus, raising funds for your trip is a good way to be able to provide the needs of the locals that are not anticipated at the start. read more